Alumni Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Delaware

Delaware ALUMNI are...

  • National park rangers
  • With environmental firms
  • Teaching secondary school
  • Protecting our water supply
  • At the U.S. Geological Survey
  • Doing fundamental research
  • Cleaning up Superfund sites
  • At State Geological Surveys
  • Working for Congress
  • College professors
  • Finding oil and gas
  • State Geologists


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  • Small classes, close connections, and excellent instruction
  • Fun field trips and hands-on science
  • Opportunities to work with faculty on research
  • Learning how the Earth affects your life and how you affect the Earth
  • Interactions with other environmental programs
  • Geoscientist and geoeducators get jobs
  • Rocks rule!




Geological sciences students gained valuable field experience during a College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment spring break excursion to Death Valley.  Read about it here.

Congratulations to Margaret Christie on receiving three awards in support of her dissertation research:

Hannah T. Croasdale Fellowship from the Phycological Society of America

Eugene F. Stoermer Diatom Scholarship from the University of Iowa.

Room and Board Scholarship from Iowa Lakeside Labs for their summer short course on Diatoms.

Faculty members Dr. Adam Wallace, Dr. Ron Martin, Dr. Jim Pizzuto, Dr. Michael O'Neal, Dr. Thomas McKenna, Faculty emeritus Dr. John Wehmiller, and graduate students Tobias Ackerman, and Aline Pieterse were all co-authors of presentations given at the GSA Annual Meeting in Denver, Oct. 27-30.

Dr. Jim Pizzuto was the Bernstein Geologist-in-Residence at Carleton College Nov. 6-8, where he taught several classes and labs, gave a public lecture on recent research, and met with students and faculty.

Dr. Clara Chan awarded new NSF funding to work on microbe-elemental sulfur interactions in the Frasassi Caves, Italy. She is looking for a Ph.D. student to start on this project entitled Genome-enabled Investigation of S(0) Cycling in a Subterranean Microbial Ecosystem, in the spring or summer 2014.

(Credit: Berkeley Lab)

Computer simulations indicate calcium carbonate has a dense liquid phase, according to research published in 'Science' by Dr. Adam Wallace.  Read more on UDaily.


Dr. Art Trembanis and grad student Carter DuVal, are in Turkey surveying the seafloor in the Aegean Sea with the AUV.  Read more on UDaily

Congratulations to Dr. Holly Michael who was named Unidel Fraser Russell Chair for the Environment.  Read more here!

Dr. Ron Martin was recently interviewed by a Chilean journalist
representing the newspaper "La Tercera" regarding his recent article
in Scientific American entitled "Tiny Plants that Once Ruled the

This summer Dr. Mike O’Neal’s GEOL306 students took a three week trip to classic study areas in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota.  Students employed a variety of field techniques for describing rocks/sediments/outcrops, making cross sections, and geology maps.  It was a long trip but everyone had a great time.



Recent UD doctoral graduate Stephanie Nebel is part of a team that is investigating rising sea levels near the island of Palau.  Read the complete story here.

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Fall 2014  Seminar Series

The Fall Seminar Series is complete, see you in the spring!


For a complete list of all our seminars click here

  Welcome our Newest       Faculty Member


Dr. Neil Sturchio

Geological Sciences is pleased to welcome Dr. Neil Sturchio, a geochemist who will serve as the department chair effective 9/1/2014.   Dr. Sturchio previously served two terms as Department Chair of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois-Chicago.


The department VAST lab is up and ready for another productive semester.  Click here for more information and the room schedule.